I was the kind of kid who loved to take things apart — broken TVs, toasters, watches, motors — anything that promised hidden pieces to be discovered was fair game. When I was not doing that, I was doodling, drawing or making things. I haven’t changed.

The process of discovery still drives me. For me, it’s the spark that ignites creativity. It feeds an insatiable need to learn new skills and explore new ways to apply them. I have an innate curiosity to discover how things tick, how they are designed and how so many small bits and pieces can become a unified, elegant working system people use every day.

Only these days, it isn’t major appliances I’m disassembling. Today, I’m sorting out bits of information from users, clients, designers, engineers, product owners, stakeholders and visionaries. Working alone, or more often as part of a team, I’m reassembling those bits into creative concepts and seeing them through to beautiful solutions.

My interests and professional skill sets are diverse: designer, engineer, developer, UI director. Funny how all the things we learn can come into service, often in unexpected ways. But I have found that the one constant across all these endeavors remains the process of discovery — the same process that fascinated a small boy. I have never outgrown the need to “figure it out.” I hope I never do.

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