Software Development

I learned to program because I wanted pixel-level control of the design and animation across projects. This need grew into a fascination with evolving technology — it has given me the skill set to work with specialized teams of designers, developers and engineers who together create amazing things.

Prima Cinema User Interface

Role: Lead User Interface Software Engineer
Project: Prima Cinema is the first commercial set-top system to deliver Hollywood movies into home theaters during the theatrical window. This user interface is embedded on the set-top device and is displayed on home theater screens. I led implementation and maintenance of a new, performant UI software design to accommodate the proprietary hardware and embedded software.

Fort McHenry Touchscreen Attractions

Role: Contracted Aperture Films for information architecture, design, animation and development
Project: Six attractions allow visitors to explore in-depth histories and timelines about “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the author, Francis Scott Key. Visitors can also explore, year-by-year, an animated timeline of key military campaigns throughout the War Of 1812.

Carlsbad Cavern Touchscreen Attraction

Role: Contracted by Aperture Films for software architecture, design, animation and development
Project: This touchscreen attraction educates users about the different types of speleothems that exist in the cave system. Users have the option to make their own speleothem where they pick from several environmental variables using dials throughout a simple wizard-type experience.

LA Museum of Natural History Touchscreen Attractions

Role: Contracted by Second Story Interactive for Flash development
Project: I worked closely with the designer, engineers, and account coordinators at Second Story to develop very fun touchscreen applications. Users can discover how fossils are found and prepared by paleontologists as well as learn how scientists figure out which fossils belong to which creatures.

Various Other Rich, Interactive Experiences

Role: Various
Project: This is a compilation of other projects I’ve worked on over the years.