User Interface Design

I have had the opportunity to create interfaces for many different markets and applications including touch screens, websites, mobile, embedded devices, analog controls, three-inch screens, and sixteen-foot screens.

Fort McHenry Touchscreen Attractions

Role: Contracted for information architecture, design, animation and development
Project: Six attractions allow visitors to explore in-depth histories, biographies and timelines about Francis Scott Key, “The Star-Spangled Banner” and key moments throughout the War Of 1812.

Carlsbad Cavern Speleothem Attraction

Role: Contracted for information architecture, design, animation and development
Project: The Make Your Own Speleothem kiosk gives visitors a geological look into the different types of speleothems within the cave system. The visitor can select different environmental variables via dials to find out what type of speleothem their selections would produce over thousands of years.

Residence Availability Explorers

Role: Design and Flash development
Projects: In partnership with Etainia Experience Marketing, I designed and developed a scaleable and reusable set of residence availability tools. These tools allow both sales teams and clients an engaging way to explore available residences and properties. These tools support custom land maps, high-rise developments and town homes. Users can drill down to see individual floor plans or watch line-of-sight videos or renderings.

Website Design

Role: Design and Flash development
Projects: I have worked on website designs for many different verticals — from new community websites, to marketing company websites, to steel framing, law firms, bio-tech, to independent photographers.

Rich, Animated Interactive Experiences

Role: Design, Flash development, animation and illustration
Projects: Environmentally sound property experiences, golf course tours, global outreach experiences, recipe tools, style guides and animated calendars — I’ve delivered friendly, fun and informative interactive experiences for a variety of clients.